Korduroy.tv blog: George Trimm Filmmaker Feature


Thanks Cyrus for featuring me and my work on the Korduroy.tv blog.
Also La Femme rules for giving me the opportunity to work with them.
As this might be the last post about this music video I want to take the time and thank everybody who helped out with the project, because it definitely wasn't only me who made this thing. Danica Elbertse is a major reason why this video ever got finished. She was not only the star of the short film, but also provided a place for La Femme to stay and also a creative hub for us to do our thing. She also had a lot of helpful insight about the project. THANK YOU! Isaac Zoller got some amazing shots in this video. He has skills that pays his bills. La Femme as a band is major influence on this video. They came to me with an interesting concept and had a huge influence on the edit. I applaud their vision. We had a lot of laughs and great meals together. Sam is a really good cook. Meredith Ambruso came through huge when she picked up the prop gun and provided costumes. Heather Rosenthal also helped as an extra, she has a bunch of short clips throughout the edit. And also I want to thank Deano and Linda Michael for providing the rad spear gun for a measly 8 bucks. Can't wait to do another one. My crew rules.