LEAF had a show at Mesa. It was apparently sophisticated. The self-proclaimed "Sophisticates United Network" helped us throw this art opening. Thanks to The Growlers for playing, and some dudes from Wu-Tang showed up. Brook's pulled out the Pee-Wee Herman tequila dance on the bar, it might have been too outlandish for the exquisite nature of the sophiticates united network, as their martinis were knocked onto their new cardigans and expensive shoes. We apologize with the upmost sincerity. Anyway's it was a sick party thanks for everyone who allowed it! BusterBones and I got to spin some records too which was fun. This is the work I contributed, a series showing Adrian Tulbure's different hair doo's. Seth Barnard and I collab'd on the big one which spanned 12x4 feet. You have to check out these photos to believe the madness that went down this night.

Check out the rest of the installation on the Leaf Blog. Thanks dudes

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