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Woodward West Shootout. Black Label Skateboards. Edit: Trimm


I filmed and edited this video for Black Label Skateboards. It is in the woodward west shootout, a video contest between Black Label, Real, Foundation, and Birdhouse. Check it out on theskateboardmag.com

Mumma called me up. I jumped in a huge van. we drove to mohave desert. we went to woodward west which is just a bunch of skateparks in the middle of nowhere. It's like summercamp for skate groms. They put us up in this abandon lodge on the hill away from the kids because they were scared of us. we drank beer and skated the whole time. It's pretty dam fun. I filmed, Along with the other black label skaters. Look for an article about our trip in the skateboard mag issue 86.

Korduroy.tv blog: George Trimm Filmmaker Feature


Thanks Cyrus for featuring me and my work on the Korduroy.tv blog.
Also La Femme rules for giving me the opportunity to work with them.
As this might be the last post about this music video I want to take the time and thank everybody who helped out with the project, because it definitely wasn't only me who made this thing. Danica Elbertse is a major reason why this video ever got finished. She was not only the star of the short film, but also provided a place for La Femme to stay and also a creative hub for us to do our thing. She also had a lot of helpful insight about the project. THANK YOU! Isaac Zoller got some amazing shots in this video. He has skills that pays his bills. La Femme as a band is major influence on this video. They came to me with an interesting concept and had a huge influence on the edit. I applaud their vision. We had a lot of laughs and great meals together. Sam is a really good cook. Meredith Ambruso came through huge when she picked up the prop gun and provided costumes. Heather Rosenthal also helped as an extra, she has a bunch of short clips throughout the edit. And also I want to thank Deano and Linda Michael for providing the rad spear gun for a measly 8 bucks. Can't wait to do another one. My crew rules.


Creating the music video for La Femme's track titled Sur La Planche was definitely a multi-national melting pot from Hell, and I say that meaning it was the best thing to be involved with ever. La Femme is a French band. They love baguettes and smoking cigarettes while wearing berets. Plus they make really bitchin’ music. So when I realized I was going to work with them during their American “So Frenchy Tour” I bought a beret and a striped shirt and sat with my legs crossed savoring the idea. When I decided to start the video off with a night shoot on a U.S. military base, the implications of our actions must have slipped my mind. 10 people dressed as black spies, four french nationals, a bunch of hijacked power for lights, and 2 hours of trespassing later we had ourselves a pretty eclectic set of clips to work with. Luckily we survived to shoot a couple more days, and none of them got deported which was a good thing. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO!

Vans/Thaila Grand Opening party.

I DJed the Vans Grand Opening in Laguna Beach, such a fun event. Read More, or Check out more Photos

Von Zipper Rules.

Thanks to Chris Zamoscianyk, I got to help film and edit these shorts for Von Zipper's new sunglasses campaign. Probably the best shoot i've been a part of. Currently working on their optical campaign video to be released soon.

Be sure to check out some of the stills on SurferMag.com


I've worked on the last two Forum Snowboarding films.

(& more recently)
Fuck It

We took Transworld Video of the Year award two years in a row. It was Jeremy Pettit and Mike Bishop's movie magic that created these masterpieces. Bob Hoste also rules. Thanks guys for including me on these projects. "Fuck It" premiered at the Lido Theatre in Newport. Buy a bunch of copies here.

travels south of the border

We cruised down to mex. It was fun. Its so dangerous you probably shouldn't do it. Photos by Christian Yeager. Look for footage in the new Canvas video coming out soon.

LEAF PRESENTS No. 51 @ Laguna Beach Regency Theatres

The Leafers made a U.S. Open Documentary which premiered at the Regency South Coast Theatre in downtown Laguna Beach. It was rad to see our work on the big screen. Thanks Hurley.

My good friend Tyler Warren creates amazing art, and sometimes I get the opportunity to DJ at some of his openings. I've spun the last two, and they are only going to get better. Last time was so fun. Read about it on ESPN.com


LEAF had a show at Mesa. It was apparently sophisticated. The self-proclaimed "Sophisticates United Network" helped us throw this art opening. Thanks to The Growlers for playing, and some dudes from Wu-Tang showed up. Brook's pulled out the Pee-Wee Herman tequila dance on the bar, it might have been too outlandish for the exquisite nature of the sophiticates united network, as their martinis were knocked onto their new cardigans and expensive shoes. We apologize with the upmost sincerity. Anyway's it was a sick party thanks for everyone who allowed it! BusterBones and I got to spin some records too which was fun. This is the work I contributed, a series showing Adrian Tulbure's different hair doo's. Seth Barnard and I collab'd on the big one which spanned 12x4 feet. You have to check out these photos to believe the madness that went down this night.

Check out the rest of the installation on the Leaf Blog. Thanks dudes
A video I made for Tyler Warren

JE NE SAIS PAS, art by George Trimm and Meredith Ambruso at Shelter Surfshop

Thanks to Graham at Shelter Surfshop for letting us put our work up. GANTEZ WARRIOR and TRMRS played along with records by DJ BUSTER BONES ( Edgar Obrand ) Check out some of my work below.

Random DJ gigs, Cali/Australia

Both of these flyers were design by me.

flyer by Trimm

Over the last couple, LEAF has thrown a bunch of fun parties at The Upper Gardens in down town Laguna Beach. We want to hear our friends bands play locally, and the upper gardens is the place that happens. Unfortunately the cops like to break these up, but regardless... Thanks to everyone involved.
Photos: Isaac Zoller

Thanks to Popular for involving me on this one. I got to hang out and film Diplo, who is a major inspiration. I also edited this short for the MadDecent Block Parties with help from Jeremy Pettit and Mike Bishop. They shred at surfing. Check out more videos from them HERE

Flyer by me :)

We got to put on a show at the World Gallery with Sea Jive and Tommy Stewart.
Tomorrows Tulips, Allah Lahs, TRMRS, Tijuana Panthers and GANTEZ got to play.
I got to play some records. A fun one minus a broken leg that happened late night
:( sorry Tay.